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Oct 2003

So in the past month I have been feeling a bit technologically outdated and went out to buy a new mobile phone and a digital SLR camera.

The coolest thing about the mobile phone is that it plays 3-D java games such as Ridge Racer and Gundam 3D. Unfortunately the gameplay of Ridge Racer completely sucks on a phone. Gundam however is extremely cool. Oh, and the fact that it takes 1 megapixel pictures (1144×858 pixels) and movies (176×144 pixels) is kinda nifty. Helps when I want to take quick pics of maps and ads to help me around town; as well as cute chics as I sit on the train pretending to view internet web pages. Just joking, I really don’t use it for maps.

For reasons beyond me, the dSLR camera is unfortunately labeled the Canon EOS Kiss Digital in Japan. Internationally it is called the Canon EOS 300D, while in the USA it is called the Canon EOS Rebel. After living here for 18 months (has it really been that long?), Japanese marketing concepts still eludes me. Maybe Kiss sounds sorta cool? I haven’t had a good chance to play around with the camera yet as the weather hasn’t been very good.

The only pictures I have taken is of my rabbit :) and oohing and aahing at the ability to distinctly make out her whiskers in 6.3 MP resolution. I will be visiting Hakone (the tree leaves should be turning yellow, orange, and red at that time) and Hokkaido (you might remember it recently had a magnitude 8 earthquake) which has some really great seafood and scenery, so there should be plenty of photo opportunities there.