It's spring and it's snowing!

Apr 2003

Well, close. Spring is here in Japan, and the sakura have come and gone. Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom; during late march to early april they reach full bloom and over a period of a week or so, their blossoms drop and it looks like it is snowing. I went trampling around various places, gazing at the wondrous sights of women … errm … I mean flowers, in full bloom. And plentiful there were! Flowers I mean. Mind out of the gutter peoples! Some pictures can be found here. Of flowers.

What does a cone, wasabi, and sakura have in common? Ice-cream! Yep, I tried wasabi ice-cream and sakura ice-cream . The sakura ice-cream was delightful, however the wasabi ice-cream was an acquired taste. I also tried some sweet sake … twice. I highly recommend it. There was also a performance by a couple of monkeys; quite funny, until I realised the monkeys probably have to do several repeat performances every hour and every day for tourists and get paid bananas! Hmm … revolution I say! Down with their human masters! Where’s a farm animal with a slave complex when you need one?