Helping people, one click or search at a time

May 2007

A friend of mine pointed this site out to me the other day, and I think it’s a great concept. is a website that allows users to support several non-profits and charities by clicking to view an ad or conducting a search.

From their information page:

ripple exists to harness the power of the internet advertising in the true spirit of the internet – providing a tool for people to help others. We are leveraging the market for internet advertising to generate revenue to help people rather than our pockets.

When you view an ad or conduct a search, 100% of all proftits go to one of several aid organisations. While the organisations are Australian based, they do help communities around the world.

Ripple uses google adsense and google search, so the search results should be the same as what you normally get through the google home page; albeit without the related info, cached and similar pages. It’s in Beta, so that’s a good enough start.