Finally, an Apartment Awaits

Jun 2002

Well I found out a few days ago that I had another week before I have to move out of the current place. So I went apartment hunting with Uzuki. The good news is that we did find a place and signed up for it, but the bad news is it will take a few days before we find out how we go against the other applicants. So the situation will be difficult if we don’t end up getting it; but hopefully everything will be okay.

It’s a top floor apartment of a 4 storey building (no elevator though!) but it’s in a really nice area. It’s only 38m sq. and consists of a living room / kitchen area, one bedroom, bathroom, toilet (western style not Japanese style, to squat or not to squat, that was the question :), laundry and a funky triangular balcony. It’s actually quite western in its style since it’s quite new, with a nice view (for Tokyo anyway, usually it’s multi-storey buildings everywhere you look but with this place I can check out everyone’s backyards and rooftops!). Unfortunately the cost is about $1800/month! It’s quite a good price for the area, but really expensive compared to Melbourne. You guys probably don’t know this but to move into a place in Japan is really expensive. You have to pay 2 months rent to the Landlord as a kind of thank you fee, 1 months rent in advance, 2 months bond (which you should get back when you leave but usually don’t) and about 1 months rent equivalent to the real estate agent (luckily Uzuki found one whose fee is 2 weeks rent) which equates to about 5.5 months rent, so you do the Math!!!! Is it me or are more and more people leaving ? Every time I check my email someone has resigned!!! Oh well, I think it’s good for everyone to get some other work experience; especially overseas. Maybe we should set up a message board on the Net or something to keep track of everyone? Now we can all see a friendly face wherever we go. Maybe we can all start that company I keep talking about in a few years time? Hell, we can say it’s a multinational with headquarters in London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Nigeria, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo! Have I missed anyone out :)?