A new Life

Apr 2002

I arrived in japan on sunday and ended up sleeping the whole day away. Got stuck with a couple of crying babies on the flight over. Went to a job interview on Monday, they rung me up on the same day to meet with the Vice president later at 7:30pm. They said they would like to hire me but i have to meet with the CEO first! and i thought it would be hard to find a job! Anyway I have another interview tomorrow and organising one later this week and a couple more in the next couple of weeks.

I got lost in Shinjuku station which was a bit embarassing, I had to call the missus to get her to pick me up. I was told it even happens to Japanese people, there are many different train services that go through there and since i can’t read the signs … :) Well, I am having withdrawal symptons from not having a computer or access to the net nearby and it looks like i will have to buy one and connect to the internet before too long. I will also be buying a mobile phone soon, so you guys can send me an email whenever. I will send the email address through as soon as possible.